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Thistle Production

We are delighted to offer professional filming for your wedding and whether you get married in a Castle in the Highlands of Scotland, a Marquee on the beach, a Traditional wedding or a Not So Traditional wedding, the most important thing after it is all over, will be your wedding film.

We love filming weddings and can offer a variety of styles to suit your budget. From reportage style to a “short form” story-telling style your wedding will reflect the emotions of the day as it happened.. Our instinctive but structured working method ensures that we film the shots and tell the story of your day which will in turn develop into your clean stylish film.

There is only one chance to get it and we do !

What our clients say

"It is absolutely perfect, cant express how happy we are with it. The day went by in such a flash so its great to have such a fantastic reminder. I sat and cried from beginning to end, we watched it twice right through."

Irene and Alan (Isle of Skye)

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